I thoroughly enjoyed the TechMark course.It was certainly an intense yet rewarding two days. This course is a great way to get to know your classmates and an amazing introduction into the truebusiness environment. I would certainly encourage all future classmates toparticipate in this course.

There is certainly more than just onetakeaway from this course. One of the most valuable takeaways for me is theopportunity to have worked with a team under an accelerated learningenvironment, while working with classmates from a variety of backgrounds, bothpersonally and professionally. It was amazing to see a group of people comingtogether as a team, within such a short time, albeit some necessary adjustmentsin the beginning.

I learned that it is important for a team to have the same goal and vision. Once a common goal is established, a team canwork more efficiently to create desirable results. Further, communication isessential, even more so in an unfamiliar environment with new teammates.Although everyone was able to get along with each other, we struggled to findan efficient way to work together towards our goal. It was when I truly feltthat communication is the key to team success.

Moreover, it is crucial to encourage eachother during unfavorable times, something I appreciated when my teamencountered setbacks. This experience isundoubtedly applicable to all real world situations.

Finally, I want to thank Mr. Henry Yang forhis lectures and his invaluable knowledge. He is truly an asset to TsinghuaUniversity and its future students. I also want to thank the TA/PhD student, LiLei. She was incredibly patient and encouraging throughout this wholeexperience. Without Mr. Yang and Li Lei, the class experience would not havebeen the same.